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OOTD 3/10/16

OOTD 3/10/16

Transition to Fall

Transition to Fall

Version Two of #42279

I sewed another version of BootstrapFashion.com pattern #42279. This time I made a sleeveless top. Further changes to the pattern included leaving off the sleeves and collar, shortening the placket, adding side vents, and taking about 10″ off the length to make it low hip length.



The fabric is a lovely linen rayon blend from MarcyTilton.com. It has the most gorgeous drape, really a delight to wear!

I used very narrow hems on the bottom, vents, and armholes. I top stitched the front princess sleeves. As I stated previously, I omitted the collar but I chose to keep the collar stand for a mandarin collar look. I brought the top of the armholes in about half an inch; I prefer more of my shoulder exposed in a sleeveless top.


The final touch was sewing in one of my new labels…this is an updated version of a work in Progress 😊

Lilly Pulitzer at Target???

OMG!! What hole have I had my head buried in?? I had NO IDEA that Target is introducing a line from Lilly Pulitzer…and in two weeks no less. AND they will have womens plus sizes available online.


Check out the lookbook…I have already picked out several pieces that I am just IN LOVE with…

Plus Size Strapless Maxi Dress – Nosie Posey $34.00
Plus Size High Waisted Bikini Bottom – My Fans $24.00
Plus Size Underwire Bikini Top – My Fans $24.00
Plus Size Challis Pompom Shorts – Happy Place $24.00
Gold Sandals – Pineapple $30.00
Plus Size Strapless Jumpsuit – Upstream $40.00

I know what I will be doing on April 19th…do you?

Fashioning a Pair of Floral Sandals

My search for floral sandals has been a big fat bust. I generally need a wide in sandals that go across my forefoot, so that severely limits my choices. I didn’t want to spend $$$ on a pair of shoes that I might only wear one season…who knows if I will even like them next year??

So what is a girl to do? Well, if you are like me, then you craft a pair yourself! I have a pair of camel platform sandals that are a couple of years old. They are comfortable enough to wear all day at work, and they go well with pants and dresses (and even shorts if I was brave enough…but since they are about 3″ high, I haven’t gone there!)1

I had purchased some gorgeous floral stretch twill denim a few weeks ago from Marcy Tilton (sorry guys, I just checked and it is no longer available)to make a pair of skinny jeans (post coming soon on them), and had some scraps left that I thought would be perfect. This is probably the most expensive fabric I have ever bought ($18/yard) but it was worth every penny. Very high quality, yardage was cut on grain, and it washed and dried like a dream. I know, $18 a yard is not that expensive, but I really do bargain shop. Realizing that it only took 1 1/2 yards to make my jeans with leftover for sandals helps me see that I can afford to spend that (and more) on fabric to make high quality garments that are better quality and fit than RTW at three or even four times the price.


I gathered my supplies which included my chalk (love this stuff; don’t know how I sewed so long without it), ruler, fabric glue, and of course the fabric.


I measured the width of the sandal straps then cut the fabric in strips slightly wider. I ironed under a narrow hem on each side to help prevent the edges from raveling. Then I just started gluing away. On each end, I marked the angle the strap attached to the shoe, cut and folded the end under, glued down, and anchored with pins until it dried.

4 5 I let them dry overnight before I removed the pins. I used my seam ripper to make openings in the fabric where the ankle strap holes were. I am wearing them at work today, and so far they are holding up well.


So, have you ever given a pair of shoes a makeover? I was a little leery of attempting it, but have been pleasantly surprised at the outcome!