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Cozy Toesies!

I finished up my second ever pair of knitted socks last night. I cast them on in March, worked up about 2 inches of ribbing on each one, then put them aside. I cannot remember exactly but I believe I used a Lornas Laces sock yarn. I knit them using US2 DPNs (I much prefer DPNs over circular needles for socks)  mainly because they were the smallest DPNs I had on hand. I have since ordered US1 DPNs because it seems most sock patterns call for them.

I picked them back up the week of Thanksgiving and knitted about every evening on them to finish them up, so I am saying it took me almost three weeks to make them.

cozy feet view

I didn’t really have a pattern for them. I like 2×2 ribbing, and I had used 64 stitches on my last socks, so that is what I started with. Because I wasn’t using a pattern, I knew I would have to do internet searches for each part. One completed pair of socks done a year ago does not an expert make!

When it got time to do the heel flap, I lucked up and found the Knit Along sock series by Hands Occupied, (This link is for day one. Here are the links for the Day 2 Heel Flap, Day 3 Heel Turn, Day 4 Gusset, Day 5 Toe) which I went back to time and again when I was stuck on how to do something.

I also found Have A Yarn‘s instructions for the eye of partridge stitch heel flap, which makes a very sturdy, thicker heel flap. I absolutely love it! Here is a closeup photo of my second sock’s heel:

heel closeup

On my first sock, I somehow missed the part of the instructions where on the knit side all the slip stitches are slip as if to PURL…I slipped as if to KNIT, and while just as thick, the heel isn’t nearly as pretty and it doesn’t seem to have as much stretch. I used half my stitches for the heel flap (32), and when I turned the heel, I used the short row method from Hands Occupied (Day 3 Heel Turn). I continued to knit the top half of stitches in the ribbing since I wanted it to extend all the way to the toe. Once I got to the start of the toe, I changed to all knit stitches and decreased as per the tutorial (Day 5 Toe):

toe closeup

I had used the Kitchener Stitch on my first pair, so I went back to the internet and found a tutorial (I don’t know about you, but that stitch, while easy, has several steps that I have trouble keeping in order. Also, I found that watching a video of it made it much easier for me to grasp). The one I used is by The Knit Witch, found on YouTube. I really like the Kitchener Stitch because it seamlessly grafts two rows of live seams together. I always hated the toe seams on RTW socks so I definitely didn’t want to put one in socks I spent forever knitting!

full side view

Second sock finished. Ain’t it pretty! ;-D

I am wearing them today for the first time, and today just happens to be my 29th (haha) birthday, so these will forever be my birthday socks!

wearing socks