School Spirit Bow Tie

Where I live (The Deep South) football is the king of fall. People sport their favorite team logos on everything from hats and Tshirts to, you guessed it, ties. I decided to design a fabric for bow ties featuring my sons’ school mascot the Volunteers (think Minutemen) in our school colors orange and black. I chose bow ties over neckties for two main reasons. One, they take much less fabric per tie, and second, bow ties seem to be pretty popular with the boys at our school right now. I am pretty chuffed with the result!

I already have several orders, but the undeniable proof of success is this: my 16 year old, who before now has never worn anything but neckties, has already claimed this first one as his own to wear to Homecoming (if it doesn’t clash with his date’s dress, of course!)


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