Idea for a New Dress

I have some medium Weight linen in a dark forest green that I have not been able to decide what to sew it up as. It was just too dark for my taste as a summer item. Where I live it will be pretty warm well into November, so I figured why not make a fall dress? I browsed around on the Internet for some dress ideas and found one on Etsy that I liked in the Idea2lifestyle shop.
I made a sketch of what i envision sewing:

I have an existing pattern I think I can alter enough to accomplish this. The black at the neck and sleeves are just attachments to make the dress look layered; I have some handkerchief weight black linen I think will work well for this. I plan on making the 3/4 sleeves vented to above the elbow to minimize wrinkling from bending my arms. I want to do some type of embroidery in black on the skirt, possibly shashiko, a Japanese form of embroidery dating back to the 1600’s. I like the inspiration dress’s long front ties, which are shown both tied and left hanging. I will probably wear them tied to cinch the waist in some and give a little shape to an otherwise loose design.


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