Fabric Design 

So I am a little obsessed with attempting fabric design again! I have just purchased Adobe Illustrator and gotten a trial version of Adobe Photoshop, but frustratingly, I am not comprehending AI at all. I have searched the Internet for tutorials but am having problems finding much that has been helpful. While trying to plod through I got impatient and went back to my old pal Windows Paint and made a few designs that I think repeat pretty well (these are screenshots of my designs after I uploaded them to Spoonflower.com and set my pattern repeat)



(You can find me on Spoonflower.com under the username theaddledcreative) 

I am still working on getting the colors to be what I envision in my mind. I feel like I get in a rut with color combos sometimes. I was thinking about fabrics for jersey dresses and tunic tops to wear over jeans and leggings when I designed the trellis patterns. I like the geometric and coordinating stripes for tote bags, travel pouches, etc. I realize these are pretty basic and beginner. I have the Spoonflower book about fabric design (available September 1st) on preorder already and I cannot wait to get it. Hopefully it will help me get to the next level with designing.


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