A Quick ‘n Easy Knit

Hi all! Yes, I have had another loonnng absence from posting on my blog. I have been extremely busy this summer with work and boys off for summer break. I try to sneak in time to create here and there. I have actually made several things (I have a small obsession with linen going on right now), but I just haven’t made the time to blog about it.

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend posted a picture of lots of yarn and stated that she had just learned to crochet and was obsessed with crocheting cotton dishcloths. Now, you all know I love to knit, but somehow knitting and summer have not worked well for me. BUT, after seeing this post, all I could think about was knitting something. I didn’t want a long drawn out project (I have socks cast on, but I don’t wear them in summer so have not been motivated to work on them). I did a quick search for a knitted dishcloth pattern and found this one by Staci Perry of verypink.com. It did not disappoint. This is the kind of knitting that is almost mindless. I worked on it off and on this past Saturday and Sunday (a quick hour here or there…probably 4-5 hours for me but I am NOT a fast knitter) and I now have this wonderful dishcloth!

dishcloth 1dishcloth 2

It is so soft and wonderfully textured. I may even use it as a facial washcloth. I knitted it with an inexpensive cotton yarn I purchased from Walmart. Of course, my knitting isn’t very pretty, but I read that this type of project is good to do so that you can focus on improving your stitches since it is such a simple knit. Here is one last picture of me holding the cloth to give you an idea of it’s “squishiness” 😀

dishcloth 3


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