Cranked Over Some Coolsville Threads!

Okay, that is a corny title, but I happened upon some 1950’s teenage slang and thought it would be neat-o to use it in my post about the poodle skirt, etc I sewed for my niece a couple of weeks ago. Do y’all remember that post titled “Road Trip”? I had planned on updating it quickly, but life got in the way and I didn’t actually get pictures of her in the outfit until recently.

I spent a whopping $6 on supplies because I had almost everything already, and I ended up making not one, but two skirts! My niece has a good friend in the same grade who also needed one, so I whipped out two (I only have pics of my niece though, and I purposely cropped out her head…didn’t want to have pictures of her on my blog without my sister’s permission first!)

catie poodle skirt 1

I used a cotton knit gingham fabric for the poodle appliques, a somewhat sturdy navy cotton twill fabric for the skirts, and grosgrain ribbon for the poodle leashes. I took waist measurements and length measurements to establish the size of the panels to cut for the skirt. I cut 4 A-line trapezoid pieces so when the skirt was sewn it would be “twirly”. I made a quick petticoat with black cotton batiste fabric and net tulle (the tulle was gathered and sewn at the bottom of the batiste). I sewed the skirt and petticoat together at the waist seam and then ran another seam 1″ down from that one to form a casing for the elastic. With some of the leftover gingham knit I make little scarves for the girls to wear tied around their necks.

I want to give a shout-out to my sister for her great job of converting a pair of white sneakers into saddle oxfords with a little black fabric paint. So cute!

catie poodle skirt 2


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