Dressing Like George…

My 10 year old 4th grader has a book report due this Wednesday on his chosen subject, George Washington. Along with the oral presentation he has the option of making a poster or dressing like his subject. Of course he chose the latter.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about making his costume. I have spent the last few weeks scouring the Internet for ideas. Of course, I have procrastinated on actually DOING anything until now. I have exactly three days to complete the costume. I planned on it consisting of a tricorn hat, white wig, white shirt, tan vest and britches, blue coat, white stockings, and black shoes with gold buckles. I know, pretty ambitious, but I am banking on my research and sewing knowledge to get me through! Have I mentioned I do not have a pattern for any of this???

I bought everything (except the fabric for the shirt, vest, and britches which I already had) at Walmart this afternoon.


I bought a medium weight blue cotton twill and gold buttons for the coat. The golden yellow fabric I may use to line the collar and cuffs, or make bias tape and edge the coat. I am thinking I may just make a vest front and attach to the coat side seams to save time. The britches should be fairly quick since I have sewn pants and shorts for him before. I will just do an elastic waist and elastic cuffs about calf length from the khaki linen/cotton fabric I already had.

I am excited about the part I have already finished:



The tricorn hat is a black sun hat. I tacked the brim in three places to form the correct shape. I sewed quilt batting to the hat, trimmed to shape, sewed two rolls of batting to each side for the curls, and tied the back with black yarn. I think it turned out so cute! The shoes are just black slippers. I cut buckles out of cardboard, covered in gold tissue paper, and tacked them to the shoes with gold top stitching thread.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


3 thoughts on “Dressing Like George…”

  1. This is fantastic! My 6 yr old is going to be George this Halloween and I didnt want a crappy store bought costume. Great idea for the hat! Batting!


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