I Sewed A Knitting Bag!

I got tired of my ball of yarn rolling out of my chair all the time when I was knitting, so I sewed a bag! And it’s great!

IMG_0454.JPG I just cut a rectangle of this remnant of stiff twill I had for the base and a larger rectangle for the body, made a casing at the top, and used a length of navy ribbon for the drawstring. Easy-Peasy! Now when I am working on my current knitting project (the Sasha wrap I posted about earlier), I can leave my working ball of yarn in the bag, pull the drawstring closed, and just feed the yarn through the opening. No more runaway yarn! It’s great! I made the bag big enough to hold the wrap-in-progress, so when I’m not knitting everything is stored neatly inside. If I want to take my knitting with me, I can just grab and go. Can’t you tell how chuffed I am with myself? It’s the little things! Speaking of the Sasha Wrap, I am getting near the end I think. Maybe 12 or so inches to go, a little blocking, sewing on a button, and she will be wearable!



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