Newly Following A Blog…

Have I mentioned here that along with all my other hobbies, I have long held a secret desire to become a published author? In fact, when I was a senior in high school, my 10 year vision of myself in my Senior Memories Book was that I would be married with children and my occupation would be journalist. Alas, that did not come to pass (at least, the journalist part:-). I do still love the written word (obviously, blogging anyone?), and most recently (the last year or so) that secret desire had morphed into toying with the idea of writing a novel, preferably suspense, that also reflected my Christian beliefs.

With all that said, imagine my surprise (and joy, and even a little jealousy) to discover this morning that someone I know OF (not known personally, mind you, but a girl that grew up in the town next to me at the same time I was growing up, and we both know lots of the same people) is a published Christian author! With not one but THREE books under her belt!

I have already commented on a blog post, followed her blog, and will by buying all three novels next. (Um, does that make me a stalker?) I already feel a kindred spirit with her. I urge you to search her out as well! Her name is Christy Kyser Truitt, and I think she will bless you!



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