Knitting, knitting, knitting

Hi y’all! I thought I would share my progress on my current and recently completed knitting projects. I finished up the baby booties I was working on. Or should I say I scrapped the first pair after realizing I would NEVER finish in time (size US 2 needles = SLOW progress), and then found an AWESOME pattern by Autumn Street called Bitty Baby Uggs knitted on US 5 needles that I knocked out in just 4 evenings. THAT is my kind of knitting project!

image I am still plugging away on my first pair of socks…I am making the decreases to the toe of the second sock; somehow that sock is ending up larger than the first? Not exactly sure why, could be my gauge changed, or I did more rows, who knows?! Anyway, now that it is cool enough to actually wear them I have had more incentive to knit on them.

finished first sock

My third in progress knitting project is the Sasha Wrap by Blue Sky Alpacas. This is the pattern:

I am using a creamy colored merino wool yarn (Cascade Superwash I believe). I can’t wait to finish it and start wearing it!

I knitted a few items for Christmas gifts this year…a first for me. I knitted a cap and matching cowl for my sister:

knit cap and cowl 4                                    knit cap and cowl 2

The cowl pattern is a free pattern I found on called the Woven Cowl. The cap is also free on Ravelry, and called A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend. Apparently it is fit for a sister too 😉

I also knitted a cap for my dear BIL. It is the same Boyfriend Hat pattern, but It seemed a little short so I picked up stitches and knitted a couple inches of additional ribbing so his ears would be covered. He is a golf course superintendent and bald, so his head needs covering on the few weeks out of the year it actually gets cold here in south Alabama:

boyfriend hat finishedI have a few sewing projects I need to post about as well, but I will save that for another day!


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