What I Wore 11/6/14

Okay, I have to admit I am really liking this outfit today!

what i wore 110614

Polyvore Set:

What I Wore 11/6/14

I like how the jacket can be cinched from the inside, giving it a peplum look—and making me look like I actually have a waist ;-). It is the safari jacket from Talbots that is currently on sale (yay!) and I think it is a good substitute for the military style jackets showing up everywhere. You have seen the dress before here (from JJill, no longer available), paired then with my denim jacket (from Talbots, also available and on sale). I found my belt packed up…I had forgotten about this goodie. It is a woven stretch belt and is perfect for this dress! Can’t remember where I got it since I have had it several years. My good old (well, new) Frye boots are so comfy. I think I like them better with dresses on me than with pants. Mine are the extended calf version, but beware, those are only 16″. My calves are 17″, and I had to stretch them out. Not an easy task, but I googled how to do it (this only works with leather boots). I sprayed them with rubbing alcohol and pulled them on. It took a couple of hours of respraying and stretching. How you ask? By wearing thick socks, and inserting things like hairbrush handles into the boots while still wearing them…I kid you not! I have hilarious pictures of this that only my best friends have seen. I would still like to get another 1/4″ of room but figure this will do for now.


One thought on “What I Wore 11/6/14”

  1. I really like this outfit too! I have found that I am liking dresses & skirts more and more. They are just so flattering and comfortable. Military jackets are one of my favorite versatile pieces and I love yours. It can go with so much. Last fall I finally got my first pair of tall riding boots and was thrilled when they zipped all the way up. Congrats on getting yours to stretch. They are super cute, and the color is beautiful.



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