What I Wore 11/5/14

Today I was in a bit of a rush so I just grabbed some old standbys…not as pulled together as I have been attempting the last few weeks, I am afraid!

What I Wore 11/5/14
This is pretty representative of how I was dressing for work before I started following fashion blogs and trying to update my look. I like the pieces, but I feel like they need “something”. Any suggestions from you would be appreciated! I do want to wear more belts, but I feel I need to lose a few pounds before I am comfortable in them. I guess right now I am an “apple” shape (or so I have gathered, from a new blog I found yesterday: Apple & Pear ) Maybe the pants need to be slimmer since the top is loose?
what i wore 110514
Most items are from past seasons: The top is a Lands End ruffle print polo, and the pants are a matte jersey knit pull on pant from Talbots. My locket is an oldie! I purchased it my senior year of high school from Parisian (yes, it is about 25 years old!). I believe the brand is 1928. It is a beautiful filigree locket, and I have prints of pencil sketches I drew of my boys a few years ago in it.
locket photo
In fact, I was so rushed today that I forgot to put on any other jewelry (I took these photos with only about 10 minutes to spare leaving the house this morning.)
Oh, and I guess I will leave you with pics of my photobombing dog Bo (this is a regular occurrence, which I am sure you are figuring out by now!)
bo 110514 bo2 110514



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