Mad For Plaid and Photobombing

This past weekend I finally dug my camera tripod out from under my bed in an effort to make taking photos for the blog a little easier. I like the outdoor shots I see on other blogs, but that has been impossible for me to do without the tripod.

what i wore 110314

For today’s outfit I also pulled out my black tall boots (Blondo, purchased either two or three years ago). I paired them with a pair of black ponte knit pants (Talbots), Red merino wool cardigan (JJill) and a plaid scarf and ivory tank, both of which I made over the weekend.

knit tank 2plaid scarf and tank plaid scarf and tank 2

I used a light/medium weight cotton/lycra knit for the tank from

Don’t laugh, but the scarf is made with flannel I cut off the bottom of a winter nightgown from LL Bean…when it is cold enough to wear it I usually wear pajama pants beneath because my legs still get cold…so I figured I could sacrifice the fabric from the hem and still wear it. (I will probably cut it off to pajama top length since the current knee length will look odd.) It is the perfect plaid in my opinion.

Now, some outtakes from my weekend photo session:

ethan 1 ethan 2 ethan 3 ethan 4

Sunday E-man decided to take some “action” shots; BTW, he turned 10 that day!

And THEN we were both photobombed as we took Mama/son pics…

me and bday boy with bo 1 Bo insists on being the center of attention!me and bday boy with bo


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