Trick or Treat!


We started a tradition at work a few years ago of dressing in costumes for the day. It is so much fun to see what my coworkers come up with, and I think this year is the best yet (check out the ball and chain on the convict! I love it!)

halloween group

I am not sure what you would call my costume this year…it is technically a dirndl dress. Maybe Sound of Music? or Oktoberfest? I’m not sure why I chose it exactly other than I thought it would be easy to sew. It WAS easy, but it wasn’t fast. Well, at least the part I had a pattern for was pretty fast. I found a dirndl pattern on Burda Style  , and it is a great pattern, probably the easiest pdf one I have ever sewn. I couldn’t find a pattern for the blouse though, and after some thought I decided to just wing it and add a front panel and sleeves to my dress to mimic the blouse. In retrospect, it probably would have been faster and simpler to just make a blouse!

dirndl dress 1 dirndl dress close up

I had all the fabric in my stash, so my only expense was for the ribbon, flowers, and tights. Speaking of the ribbon, I was disappointed not to find any floral, which is more authentic. I don’t think I have seen plaid on a dirndl, but it works for this purpose!

I am not thrilled with the sleeves on it, but all in all it turned out like I hoped it would.

This is also homecoming week at my boys’ school, and they had to dress up yesterday. Each class had its own theme. My 4th grader was a “hippie” and my 10th grader was an “emoji”. I made the vest and peace necklace, and I drew the emoji on a yellow t-shirt with black and red sharpies. Both boys were pleased with their costumes…well, the 4th grader was not very excited with the headpiece to begin with, but he was okay once he got to school and saw that almost all of the other 4th graders were wearing them too.
boys 1

boys 2

It’s hard to tell who my comedian is, isn’t it? ;-D


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