Portraiture – Pencil & Graphite

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I first started drawing portraits when I took art in the 10th grade (more years ago than I wish to admit!). Besides that one class, I have only taken one or two other formal classes in drawing. I have read books, watched youtube videos, and found online tutorials about drawing over the years. My biggest regret is that I have never taken the time to really grow my drawing skills. I have a terrible time getting perspective accurate. Regardless, I still love to create portraits. Something about the human form, and the features of the face in particular fascinate me. I once took a one-on-one weekend class from the great Oil Pastelist John Elliot http://www.johnelliot.com/ in his studio in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I literally fell in love with is work. He is without a doubt the most talented artist I have ever known. He was trained in the old school of artists, learning anatomy and how the underlying bone and muscle influence the appearance and how to convey that in his work. His realism is beyond belief. I took that class to learn more about oil pastels (more about that in a post on oil pastel portraits) but what I learned has also greatly influenced my work with pencil. I thought I would post a sampling of pencil portraits I have done over the last several years. Sadly, I have not done much drawing recently, but of course I would love to get my life organized enough to do a little drawing again.
cole and chloe hannah leah wiggins boys

mason mason and ethan
Spencer Fraser

Jessica Fraser


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