Creating up a Storm!

I know I have been quiet here on the blog-front related to creating, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been sewing and knitting. In fact, I have been doing more of both than usual. On the knitting side, I am currently working on two projects.

The first is a pair of socks, which I will admit is taking forever! I have taken large chunks of time off though, so that makes me feel a little better. These are the first socks I have ever knitted, and at first the small DPNs and circular knitting were a real challenge for me. Hence, the first sock isn’t perfect, but I do love it! It fits really well, and I HATE socks that slouch or “crawl” around on my feet. This sock definitely stays in place…at least, from trying it on it seems to. I won’t be able to test them out until I get that pesky second one made. If you have ever knit, you have undoubtedly heard of the “second sock syndrome”. I am here to tell you it is real! It is much harder to make progress on the second sock than the first; I think my steam ran out after two straight weeks of knitting only produced the one sock. I know I will probably get faster the more pairs I knit; I actually read a knitting blog the other week where the knitter can turn out a PAIR in a week. I was impressed!
socks in progress

sock 2

sock 3

My second knitting project is for a sweet friend whose youngest daughter is having her first child. I am knitting these soft baby booties for her; The yarn is a luxurious silk/merino wool blend that I just love. I was getting nervous about being able to finish them after I realized how slow going the knitting on them was; however she made me feel better this week when she told me the baby isn’t due until December! I am still knitting every night on them however; I would rather finish a little early than late. These pictures were taken when I was knitting the cuff of the first bootie (Okay, I have ONLY finished the cuff of the first and am now knitting the cuff of the second before I proceed to the challenge of creating the bootie part…it looks a little complicated, and I am a newbie knitter after all!)
bootie 1

bootie 2

bootie 3

On the sewing front, I have been doing a mixed bag of alterations for friends/aquaintances and costumes for school and Halloween (I will save the costume post for Halloween day!). Alterations is something I have done here and there for years, but lately it seems to be a legitimate little side business. I have become a regular in my local doctor’s office hemming scrubs and doing everything from zipper repair on shoes to taking in a blazer

My goal for my sewing (I think I mentioned it in a previous post) is to make items that fit me well and that will be timeless & classic that I can incorporate into my RTW wardrobe. I have been scanning my favorite RTW retailers for inspiration. For instance, Talbots has this scarf on their site for $49.50 right now.
talbots buffalo plaid scarf
I found this buffalo plaid on You can buy a 1/2 yard for $4. buffalo plaid girl charlee
I think it would make a great infinity scarf!


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