MIA and Sad…

Yes, I have been MIA, and right after starting my blog at that. It just can’t be helped…I have had some very emotional events transpire, the most important of which was losing a friend to her battle with ovarian cancer, and I just have not been up to sewing, knitting, designing, or blogging for that matter. I am now slowly getting back into the swing of things after a few weeks of feeling like I am drowning in emotions. I hope to have a proper post up in the next week.

For now, in memory of my friend Nicole, if you have some time look her up on Youtube (a video she made from her hospital bed when she was first diagnosed two years ago), on Vimeo (her last time to sing in public), and also check out her battle session in the Bald is Beautiful campaign by Lyn Taylor Photography . The show in October is dedicated to Nicole’s memory.

nicole bald is beautiful

I promise you will be bowled over by the beauty (both inner and outer) that was, and always will be, Nicole.


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