Sewing For The Family

I was at our school yesterday waiting to pick up my younger son who I will call E-Man here. Of course, my mind was on about 10 different things as usual, but one of those things was that I need to be sewing a couple pairs of shorts for E-Man.  These were a pair of last year’s shorts, which he can still wear. I put cargo pockets on the sides of these.


These are a new pair I made a couple of weeks ago before school started up again. I had to add belt loops this year; our school requires belts and shirts tucked in from 4th grade up. (Please ignore the pillows/blankets…they “camped out” in the living room that weekend—hey, when you live in the South and it’s 100 degrees outside, you improvise!)

Navy Stretch Denim Shorts2

At 9, he still thinks it is cool that Mom sews for him, and he actually looks forward to wearing what I make. I have been drafting shorts patterns for him for several years now, and they fit him better than most RTW shorts.

Not so for son #1, who shall be known here as The Teenager. The only thing The Teenager has asked me to sew (other than his name patch for his football jersey or buttons on pants) was a pair of camo pants for hunting season.

camo jeans details 1camo jeans details 2camo jeans front back

Surprisingly, I enjoyed that challenge. I didn’t have a pattern (after all, I NEVER sew for him), so I took apart a pair of his jeans that were too holey (is that a word?) to be repaired and used them as my pattern. They fit him well and he claimed to like them, but I only saw him wear them once. Sigh. I am sure he has outgrown them now…It has been several months after all…


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